More ways your church community will Thrive Connect Give Relate Prosper Meet

Deepen relationships and unite your congregation beyond your church walls

Powerful new sources of funding for your ministry

Deepen relationships and unite your congregation beyond your church walls

villaDeus unlocks new funding streams for your mission

financial abundance for your church and your congregation at no cost

People and businesses within your church connect

Businesses and your church prosper

Your church gets more from every gift

People in your church connect beyond worship

Inform your congregation securely

Create abundance for your church and your congregation

New opportunities

for your

Opportunites to –

for your

Opportunites to –


Opportunites to –

villaDeus will help your congregation and your ministry thrive

Launch new opportunities for fellowship beyond the walls of your church, while increasing revenue and reducing overhead

Your congregation will meet, know, and support each other while funding your mission

Unlock new revenue streams for your church

No-cost tools to grow your ministry 

Marketplace storefronts