Funds your ministry

– in partnership with congregant businesses

alliance fuels your ministry with a new stream of revenue

There’s no limit to the amount businesses in your church community can generate

alliance is easy to launch alongside marketplace

Learn more about alliance today, there's no cost

Are you a business owner

learn how your business can support your church

learn how your business can support your church

alliance is a new and ongoing source of funding

Businesses can support your ministry every month at no cost

  • No cost to businesses, their customers, or your ministry
  • Businesses turn an existing cost into funding for your church
  • Congregants feel good supporting fellow believers that support the church
  • Businesses gain customers as your community sees they support your work

Every month a portion of the payment processing fees for sales at each participating business is re-allocated to your church. Each business can generate tens to thousands of dollars each month depending on their size.

Support is ongoing once a business joins

Businesses owned and operated by attendees gain customers from within your community of faith

Businesses in your marketplace benefit from increased revenue, and by participating in alliance they fund your ministry every month out of fees they were already paying.

Are you a business owner

learn more about how you can support your church

alliance grows businesses and your revenue

Businesses thrive, connections happen and your ministry gets a financial boost

It’s a natural progression once you have launched your marketplace. Allow businesses to set themselves apart by participating in alliance.

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People connect while providing goods and service within the church community and generate revenue for your ministry when the businesses in your marketplace join alliance


People find goods and service within the church community


Ongoing revenue that grows as business owners in your congregation thrive


Businesses grow and your church gets a financial boost

Help your members meet, know, and support each other

Get the tools that bring your congregation together

Marketplace storefronts