Share your talents, grow your business

– meet, serve, and know others in your church

Share your Talents

Meet, know, and support others in your church community through your vocation

Your marketplace business listing will help your church build a more connected community. 

invite your church to launch their own marketplace today –it’s free

Be the first business in your church marketplace

Your marketplace listing will help you connect with others from your church

Connect with customers and fellow believers

Once your church has marketplace both businesses and customers within your community will reap the benefits

marketplace helps your business get discovered

Make it easy for your church community to find your businesses

  • Share your business with those you worship alongside 
  • Gain loyal customers who want to see you succeed
  • Meet and serve people who share your faith
  • Help others in need of goods or services you provide

Your church family wants to participate in you success

Allow people to come alongside and support your businesses

marketplace makes it easy to gain support from those you worship alongside

Below is an example of marketplace on a church website

Your business should be listed in your church marketplace

NewLife Church, their congregants, and the businesses they operate are fictitious

Fellow congregants will be able to–

Search by your name or business name

Find you by category

View details about your business

Contact you when they need goods/services you provide

Your business will–

Gain visibility within your church

See increased business opportunities

Serve fellow believers

Create opportunities for fellowship

NewLife Church, their congregants, and the businesses they operate are fictitious

Next Steps

Invite your church to launch their own marketplace

It’s absolutely FREE to launch and use


Connections are made and fellowship grows once you give your church community the opportunity to find and support your business –talents are shared and needs are met through marketplace


An opportunity to meet and serve theologically aligned customers


Make it easy for your congregation to find and support your business


People want to support your businesses your family's livelihood

Meet, know, and serve those you worship alongside

Share marketplace with your church

No-cost tools for your church 

Marketplace storefronts