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share makes it easy to keep your congregation informed

Gain the flexibility to manage access

An informed congregation is more active and more involved in events and activities outside of Sunday worship. With share you can grant them access to the information they need so they won’t miss out.

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share is easy to launch

share is a secure way to make information available

Secure sensitive content

  • Manage access through directory or SSO with an existing platform
  • Choose the information you want to make available
  • Generate secure URLs where the information can be accessed
  • Embed content on your website, in your app and anywhere else you want to share

share makes it easy for people to participate

Access to information is critical for events, connection and engagement 

If you don’t have a secure way to share information we can help. Share is integrated with directory to help you know and manage the people that can access your information.

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Encourage increased congregant participation with easy access to important information that's up-to-date while protecting sensitive details from wider distribution


Encourage congregant participation through securely shared information


Protect sensitive information while making it easy for your congregation to stay informed


You can make information accessible without all the hassles

Help your members meet, know, and support each other

Get the tools that bring your congregation together

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